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Rapunzel Pro ™ is exclusive and trademarked to Rapunzel Hair Extensions Cardiff. The tiny coloured metal tubes are applied to small sections of your own hair; the hair extension strand is then clamped tightly inside the tube holding it effortlessly to your natural hair. The tubes do not contain a silicone lining so they sit very flat against the scalp creating a very comfortable and discreet fitting.



Lasts 6-8 months


Every 6-10 weeks


  • Cost effective as the hair can be reused (providing the tips and hair have been well looked after
  • Very discreet flat rings
  • No heat, adhesives or chemicals are used so this method is non damaging
  • The extension strands are completely removed and reapplied onto new sections of hair during your maintenance appointment making this method very safe for the natural hair


  • Not suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to metals

The information above is provided as a guide, I will help you decide during your Consultation which method is best for you taking into account your hair type and lifestyle.

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