The LA Weave™

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The LA Weave™ is a fantastic method of attachment and is a much improved alternative to the old fashioned braided Weave. The LA Weave™ is applied using Micro Rings to create a track, the weft is then sewn along the track. This method sits very flat to your own head and is very comfortable to wear. This method is perfect for clients who like big bouncy hair! Taught by the creator of the LA Weave himself, Kyle Martin, I can see why this method is taking the UK by storm!



Lasts 6-8 months


Every 6-10 weeks


  • Cost effective as the wefts can be re-used
  • An excellent choice for a client with thick and/or short hair as it offers excellent blending
  • The rings are hidden by the weft providing a discreet fitting. The LA Weave feels very much like clip in extensions
  • The wefts and rings are completely removed and reapplied during your maintenance appointment making this method very safe for the natural hair
  • Uses no heat, adhesive, braids or chemicals making it completely non-damaging
  • A really quick method
  • Quick removal taking up to 10 minutes


  • Not suitable for clients with very thin and/or fine hair
  • Not suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to metals

The information above is provided as a guide, I will help you decide during your Consultation which method is best for you taking into account your hair type and lifestyle.

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