Hair Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, if your question is not here please feel free to contact me :-)

Q: How long does your hair have to be to apply hair extensions?

A: Your shortest layer needs to be at least 6 inches long or at jaw length all over (whichever is longer). Short and/or thick hair will not blend as well as longer hair and the overall result may not be as expected. Additional packs of hair may be required to aid blending, a quotation can be obtained for the additional hair, fitting time and the additional maintenance fee after your consultation.

Q: How long do hair extensions last for?

A: The LA Weave™, Nano ring and Rapunzel Pro™ Hair extensions are designed to last 6-8 months. It is vital proper aftercare is carried out and that clients attend their maintenance appointments over the duration.

Clients can re-use their hair extensions (providing the hair extensions have been looked after) for a second or third fitting. This makes them very cost effective!
Please visit the Services tab to find out more about each method.

Q: Can I style my hair extensions with heated appliances?

A: Yes! You may style them just as you would with your own hair; curly, straight or blow dry them etc. If you frequently use heat on your hair, I sell a Thermal Protection Serum which will help protect your own hair and the extensions from heat damage and dryness.

It is essential to dry the root area with a cool to medium setting using a hair dryer. Leaving the bond/ring area damp will damage the extensions making them unusable and will also cause matting at the root area.

Remember to avoid using heated appliances (including heated rollers) directly on the attachments as this will damage the extensions.

Q: Can I dye the hair extensions?

A: It is strongly advised not to dye your hair extensions. Hair extensions are not the same as our natural hair and will almost always dye at a different rate causing poor results. Lightening the extensions will cause the extensions to feel dry and damaged. Clients who decide to dye their hair extensions do so at their own risk

Q: Can I have my roots dyed/toned/highlighted once the hair extensions are in?

A: If you need to dye your root area it is strongly advised to ONLY dye the top part of the hair which do not have extensions in and be extremely careful to not to get dye/bleach/toner on the bond/ring area as this will break down the keratin tips/silicone linings making the extensions fall out and in some cases become unusable.

Q: How long will it take to apply hair extensions?

A: This depends on your hair, how thick it is and which method you have chosen. Fittings take between 1 - 3 hours.

Q: Do you recommend wearing hair extensions on holiday?

A: No - I strongly advise clients to have their extensions removed before going on holiday. The heat causes abnormal sweating and therefore expose the bonds/rings to prolonged moisture causing the keratin tips to break down (become soggy and spongy) and therefore become permanently damaged.

Salt from the sea and chlorine from pool water can also cause damage to the bond area and extensions.

If the tips become damaged it will prevent them being reused. Sun tan lotions and chlorine can also discolour the extensions. No responsibility will be taken for damage caused to the extensions if clients go against this advice.

Q: Will the hair be straight, wavy or curly?

A: Indian hair can worn straight with straightening or wavy by scrunching the hair.

European hair is naturally sleek and straight and requires no straightening. Of course you can wave or curl these by using tongs, wands or by plaiting

Brazilian Hair is very versatile. With rough drying the extensions with a hairdryer the hair will be very sleek and straight and by scrunching the hair while damp they can be worn wavy.

'Deep' and 'body wave' extensions go through additional processing and because of this, they are known to be of a lesser quality. I will always advise which hair type and method would be most suitable for your hair type during your consultation.

Q: I don't know which method will suit my hair?

A: Don't worry, that is what I am here for! The consultation firstly to see if your hair is suitable and to decide which method would be most suited. To find out more about what happens in a Consultation click here.

Q: Will the extensions damage my hair or make my natural hair thinner?

A: I only use hair extension methods which I know are 100% safe for the natural hair. These have been trialled and tested for many years and providing you care for the extensions properly and follow the aftercare advice there will be no damage to your natural hair. In fact, many clients find their hair is in better condition after the extensions are removed. It is essential you follow all the guidance provided for you in my aftercare sheets, that you attend maintenance appointments and have the extensions professionally removed after the required time.

Q: Can I go swimming with them?

A: You can go swimming with them; however it is advisable to wear a swimming cap or tie the hair into a high bun. If you do go swimming and the extensions get wet, please ensure you thoroughly rinse, wash and dry the hair extensions properly afterwards as they can get knotted and dry out and become discoloured. Exposing your hair extensions to sea water should be avoided at all costs.

Q: Can I leave my hair and extensions dry naturally after washing it?

A: It is essential to dry the root area as any prolonged dampness will cause the extensions to slip. It is fine to leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally, in fact if you have had Indian or Brazilian hair fitted; by scrunching and smoothing a small amount of hair extension conditioner over the lengths, you can create gorgeous beach waves!

Q: What does Remy mean?

A: The term Remy means that when the hair is donated, the hair is been correctly aligned (tops and bottoms are kept in their original growing position!) to ensure that the hair behaves in exactly the same way as your natural hair. Maintaining of the cuticle and its correct alignment prevents the hair from drying out and helps the hair to remain silky and tangle free. Non-Remy hair will matt and tangle very quickly. All of the hair I use is the very highest quality 100% Remy human hair.

Q: Are your hair extensions ethically sourced?

A: Yes. I use Indian temple hair and which is the most ethically sourced hair in the world. This hair is donated to various Temples and then sold to hair merchants all over the world for processing and where needed, colouring. All the factories and suppliers I use are all ethical and professional, both with their staff and their procedures.

Q: Is your hair good quality?

A: Absolutely, all the hair I use is the very best quality on the market. I pride myself on sourcing only the best Remy hair and over a period of six months I short-listed from nearly 60 reputable Remy hair extension suppliers to offer my clients excellent value for money. When new and reputable suppliers come into the market I test the hair for up to a year before even thinking about offering it to my clients!

Providing the hair and tips have been looked after by the client it is possible to re-use the extensions for another fitting. Please see my Price List for Refit fees.

Q: What happens to the extensions in the colouring phase when they are manufactured?

A: The hair I use undergoes a very slow and gentle colouring process that takes a full three weeks. The majority of hair extension suppliers offer hair which is coloured in 1-2 days; this is a very harsh process for the hair and affects the quality considerably. I guarantee you will notice a vast improvement to any hair you have used in the past!

Q: How will I look after my hair?

A: I equip all of my clients with extensive aftercare sheets and am on hand at any time to offer advise and help my clients. The aftercare sheets are available to read during any appointment and sent via e-mail after your fitting.
Hair extensions do not produce their own oils, it is absolutely essential to use the Rapunzel shampoo, conditioner and tangle tamer brush to avoid tangles, dryness and premature wear. Normal products which have not been designed for hair extensions contain too many variables such as high quantities of sulfates, silicone, proteins and chemicals which are NOT suitable for hair extensions. If clients go against this advice and decide to use any other products, no responsibility will be accepted for the condition, fading and discolouration of your hair extensions. My own professionally designed aftercare range is always readily available for purchase.

Caring for your extensions takes time and commitment. Whilst I can fit the hair to a very high standard and provide optimal aftercare advice and products, it is then your responsibility to book and attend your maintenance appointments and care for your hair as per the aftercare instructions.

Q: Are you fully trained?

A: Absolutely! I have undertaken several intensive training courses for all of my extension methods to include Micro rings, Rapunzel Pro™, LA Weave™, Nano Rings and Fusion bonds. Copies of all of my certificates and insurances are available during all appointments.

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