Services  - Keratin Fusion Bonds

Hot Fusion Bonds

The keratin tip of the extension strand is heated onto a section of the natural hair and rolled to create a small neat bond.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Bonds

This method does not require any heat to attach the hair extension strand and instead uses waves of ultrasonic technology. The technology used is similar to Great Lengths method of attachment.

With both of the above methods, the bonds can either be rolled into shapes similar to a grain of rice (as illustrated in the picture) or folded
flat for a more discreet and comfortable wear.


Lasts up to 3-4 months

Maintenance Appointments

Once - After 6-8 weeks


  • Suitable for everybody and in particular, people who have oily hair and/or metal allergies
  • Very natural looking, comfortable and undetectable
  • The extension strands stay in very well
  • The Ultrasonic Cold Fusion method uses no heat


  • If extension strands fall out they cannot be reused without the need for
  • re-tipping. However, new strands can be purchased in packs of 20-25 and
  • can be applied at your maintenance appointment
  • Can thin the natural hair in some clients. To avoid and minimise thinning, I
  • recommend clients wear these for a maximum of 3 months
  • The hot fusion method uses heat
  • The bonds grow out over duration

The information above is provided as a guide, 

I will help you decide during your Consultation which method is best for you taking into account your hair type and lifestyle.

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