Price List


Luxury Indian Remy Hair lasting up to 9 months
Full Thick Head 150g



Rapunzel Pro ™



Nano Rings£340


LA Weave ™



Luxury Brazilian Remy Hair lasting up to 18 months
Full Thick Head 150g

Rapunzel Pro ™£400£440£480
Nano Rings£400£440£480
LA Weave ™£350£380£410

Luxury European Remy Hair lasting up to 24 months
Full Thick Head 150g




Rapunzel Pro ™





Nano Rings





LA Weave ™£380£400



Fitting prices above include -

  • A free and comprehensive consultation appointment
  • Thick Luxury human Remy hair
  • Professional fitting service
  • Cut, blend and style
  • Refreshments
  • Aftercare sheets/advice

All prices above are for standard full head fittings.

Half head (volume only with no added length) fitting prices can be provided after a consultation depending on requirements.

Ombre and root stretch shades can be sourced, these incur an additional fee of £20-25

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Curls/Waves £15

Pin Curls £20


This is a complete refitting service - The extensions are removed, your shedded hair is combed out and the extensions are fitted onto new sections of hair using new rings. This is essential for the health of your natural hair and keeps the hair extensions damage free.

Maintenance plans can be every 6 to 10 weeks depending on method and varies from client to client. The frequency is established by myself after your fitting and reviewed at subsequent maintenance appointments.

  • LA Weave ™ (standard head) - £70 - £80
  • Nano ring or Rapunzel Pro ™ (standard head) - £110

Removal and Refit

After 6-8 months wear, the extensions should be removed to give the scalp a break of at least a week. If the extensions have been looked after, the same extensions can be reused.

The hair can be removed in one appointment, with a refit (at least a week later) in a second appointment. This offer is only open to current clients and available when the full amount is paid in first appointment and both appointments are pre-booked.

  • LA Weave ™ £90 - £100
  • Nano ring or Rapunzel Pro ™ - £140


Stand alone removal

  • LA Weave ™ £15 - £20
  • Rapunzel Pro™ or Nano Rings - £40


Current clients can come back and re-use their hair extensions at a later date

  • LA Weave ™ £130-140
  • Rapunzel Pro™ or Nano Rings - £170

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