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To address the issue’s with discolouration/fading we would like to re-assure you that this is not caused by a fault with the product, or a manufacturing defect and this is the case with all brands. It is usually caused by bleach within the product reacting with several factors we expose our hair to which is highlighted in the Aftercare guide

Here is some information on the most common causes of colour changes;

Argon oils, face creams, Sun cream coming into contact to hair, self tanning products, styling products, high levels of UV rays, not using adequate heat protection with heat tools, chlorine, sea salt, high levels of hard Water. Higher risks in hot climates where UV levels are much higher and hard water is more prominent

It is important to protect the hair during the warm weather and to be aware of all these potential problems. To help the blonde community protect and maintain their hair we post up to date information on our website, Facebook pages and Instagram to warn of the potential colour changes that may occur due to a chemical reaction to all the above-mentioned products and causes.

If you have blonde hair, I’m sure you are aware that your hair can be temperamental when it comes into contact with certain chemicals. This is the same with blonde hair extensions, in fact even more care and attention needs to be given.

Just as you would your own hair, extensions need to be protected and cared for carefully to avoid any discolouration. If you find your hair extensions are turning brassy, peachy or pink, this is because something has triggered a chemical process, altering your hair pigmentation.

Why does hair turn yellow?

Pigments found in hair colour is what helps you to achieve your desired shade. The pigments counteract the tones already found in your hair. When dying hair blonde, violet and ash pigments are then used to neutralise the warm tones in your hair. As with all coloured hair, in time the pigments will be washed out hence the natural colour pigmentation reappears. Certain things can trigger and accelerate this process, and hair can turn brassier faster than expected. This is why it is so important to use the correct aftercare products at all times and closely follow the aftercare guide provided

Why do hair extensions turn orange/pink/brassy?

It is important to understand that extensions are much more porous than natural hair. Hair that is no longer attached to the scalp do not receive any natural oils to provide a protective barrier. This makes extensions more prone to damage and discolouration than the natural hair. This porosity is why hair extensions can turn a peachy shade.

Hair extensions when they are gathered from the donor are mainly darker shades, the hair will go through the lifting/bleaching process. The hair extensions are then dyed and toned with fabric dyes to create their final shade. 

The following can cause a chemical reaction/discolouration/fading of the hair extension pigment:

Water mineral content

Suntan lotions

Sea water - Salt water is damaging to both the natural and extensions hair. Salt is a natural dehydrator and will strip all hair of moisture and natural oils. This will lead to discolouration as the salt water will remove the ashy/violet pigmentation from the hair leaving it brassy.

Sun/sunbed UV ray exposure - The sun and UV rays have a significant impact on both skin and hair. Our skin browns in sunlight and also acts as a natural hair lightener. Therefore, it also affects your hair extensions. Sunlight can lighten the colour of the hair extensions quicker than it would your own. Often leaving the hair extensions looking a lighter shade than your own.I recommend wearing a hat in the sun as a way of protecting the extension. When using a sunbed, wrapping the hair up in a towel.

Argan Oil

Certain products with strongly pigmented oils and shampoos/conditioners can stain the extension hair, hence why it is so important to only use the recommended products at all times. Certain products will strip away the violet pigments, over time the same with all dyed hair the colour can fade and become brassy. Due to the processes of lightening extensions from often dark shades of hair to lighter the base colour of the extensions can be these brassy, peachy even pink tones.

Creams i.e. face or body lotion


Hard Water - Water content has an enormous impact on the texture, colour and manageability of the extensions. Hard/high mineral content water can leave limescale and residue on the hair. With natural hair, the scalp produces the necessary and needed oils to counterbalance these minerals. However, hair extensions do not. After repeated washing using this water, the hair extensions can become dry, tangled and can break.

Chlorine/Swimming Pool water. Chlorine is a chemical put into water with the aim of keeping it clean. This can strip the hair of oils, colour and moisture, leaving it dry, brittle and discoloured. Be sure to always wear hair up into a tight bun avoiding all contact with the water

Before replacing your hair extensions it’s a good idea to work out the reason for this discolouration the first place. 

Doing this will help you avoid it in the future. 

It’s important to realise that hair extensions discolouration is not a product fault and is preventable with a little extra care taken in your aftercare routine. 

I cannot accept any responsibility for any hair that has turned pink/orange, brassy or green.

The Aftercare guide clearly states what to avoid and how to care for your extensions correctly. Although hair extensions are a natural product they can behave differently to our own hair will fade over time, some shades faster than others. 

See below for how to correct and reverse discolouration

My hair extensions have gone yellow/pink/peach

Please firstly read the section above regarding discolouration. with all methods please experiment on a few strands.

Steps you can take to attempt discolouration (carried out at customer's own  risk)

Soak the affected hair for approximately 30 minutes in 1-part apple cider vinegar 3 parts water, wash the hair extensions as normal as per the Aftercare guide provided

Another technique that has been proven to help is fresh lemon juice or from a bottle, always try a test strand first

A silver shampoo may be used . As hair extensions are more porous than your natural hair, this needs to be watched very carefully in a mirror as the purple/blue pigment grabs very quickly and results can become undesirable. Use a ten pence piece sized blob of silver shampoo in a cup, mix with warm water and tip over one or two of your extensions, leave 8-12 seconds and rinse. Wash and dry as normal. If the results are desirable repeat for all of the extensions. Adjust time accordingly

If you feel the discolouration is down to the mineral count in your water, I suggest using a product called ‘Malibu C Hard Water Hair Remedy’ and ‘Malibu Swimmers Shampoo’

A visit to the hairdressers to have a toner applied may help should the brassy colour be too stubborn to remove. Unfortunately, discolouration can be irreversible

Drying and Styling your hair

Blot the hair dry using a towel, avoid a rubbing action

The Rapunzel Heat Protection Serum/Argan Oil or Protein Spray are applied to damp hair

Tangle teaser or bristle extension brush

Ensure you support the rings/weft by using your flat palm against the scalp to support them during brushing.  Use your tangle teaser brush/bristle brush, to brush the ends of your extensions, slowly working upwards to remove any tangles. Only begin brushing the scalp once the hair is completely tangle free. Our natural hair and extension hair are very fragile and vulnerable when wet/damp, please avoid stretching the extension hair by brushing too firmly. This permanently damages the hair and results in a frizzy texture which becomes very prone to knots

Next dry your roots fully using the medium setting on your hairdryer, avoid intense heat on the ring/weft area. Never leave the root area to dry naturally as this will damage the attachments. Most importantly do not go to bed with damp roots - this is the quickest way to get matting at the root!

Absolute golden rule - if you want to leave your extensions air dry please carefully remove every single knot! Allowing your hair extensions to dry with knots will always cause significant damage to the cuticle causing the extensions to feel permanently knotty and unmanageable.

Section and blow dry without excessive pulling, ensuring the hairdryer (ideally with a nozzle) is pointed at the floor to smooth the extension hair

Most extension slippage/loss is caused by continually brushing your wet/damp extensions whilst simultaneously blow drying as the scalp attachments are not being supported. The root should be supported at all times when brushing. The best way to avoid strand loss and slippage is to put your hairdryer down if tangles begin to appear, brush the hair 'supporting' the root to detangle, then continue blow drying

Heated rollers should not be used near the root area

You can straighten, curl and tong the extension hair as you would your own. Use a medium heat setting if available, about 180 degrees Celsius is ideal. 200 degrees Celsius is for Afro-Caribbean hair only. Heat protection is essential, this is not just to protect the extensions from heat damage but to prevent the hair extensions prematurely fading and discolouring. This can happen to our natural hair too so please be careful! As the attachments begin to grow away from the root area, take care not to burn the attachments with the hair straightener

     To prolong the life of your extensions I advise using one of the Rapunzel heat protection serums, argan oils or protein sprays. Please proceed with caution whilst using any other professional serums, oils, lotions and sprays as they may include chemicals which may damage and discolour your extensions

      Top tip! Once your hair is dry, use the cool setting on your hairdryer to cool down your face and scalp! 


      If you have a very active lifestyle (e.g. sport/exercise) tie your hair back for these activities and try to avoid excessive washing (max 3 times/week). The root area should be dried fully after any excessive sweating or washed straight away. Sweat left on the scalp can cause discolouration of the extensions. 

      Long hair

      Warning to Holiday makers and Sun bed users

      When sunbathing or using a sun bed, wrap your hair in a towel or hat to protect your hair and attachments

      Please note - wearing hair extensions abroad is at your own risk! Your extension hair is very likely to dry out and discolour due to the combination of different water types during washing/bathing, prolonged sun exposure, sun creams, chlorine, salt water etc

      Whilst on holiday DO NOT get your hair extensions wet in either the sea or pool. This will cause rapid drying and discolouration of the extension hair and cause attachment damage

      Discolouration is very common, especially in blonde shades where chlorine and sun cream chemically react with the hair extension dye turning the hair bright pink/peach. If this does happen get in touch and I will talk you through some steps to try and remove the pink/peach tone. In many cases discolouration, especially in blonde shades is irreversible 

      Although I do not recommend wearing your hair extensions on holiday, if you are planning on going abroad and want to keep your extensions in, please get in touch and I will send you my top tips to try and protect your hair extensions

      I am always here if you need any further advice; please contact me using any of the contact details below.

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